WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Bazooka Sour Straws Strawberry eJuice

Bazooka Sour Straws Strawberry eJuice


Flavor Description Summary


Bazooka Sour Straws Strawberry has been one of the most sought-after candy flavored e juice in the entire vaping industry. This toxic sweet and sour fruit craziness has been pressed into eliquid form to present a madhouse of flavor. With such a wickedly sour candy and sugared fruit blend, no wonder this flavor is simply irresistible to vapers.


Ratio:​​70/30| Bottle Size:100ml | Bottle Type:Chubby Gorilla | Flavor Type: Candy


Brand:Bazooka Sour Straws

Bazooka Sour Straws   ​| Brand Description Summary

Bazooka Sour Straws is one of the largest and most reputable brands in the vaping industry. They took the market by storm with Strawberry by offering high quality premium eliquid in 100ml for about the same price as 60ml. Some would say that they arguably started the race to the bottom. Strawberry is one their most popular and exciting flavors keeping Bazooka Sour Straws one of the dominant players in vape.


70/30 VG/PG Ratio

Bazooka Sour Straws Strawberry is a 70/30 VG/PG mix. Higher VG Ratio or Vegetable Glycerin produces more clouds or smoke. Higher PG Ratio produces more flavor and more of a “throat hit”. All vapers are different, so choose the right ratio to satisfy your needs and make sure that Bazooka Sour Straws Strawberry is right for you.


Full Flavor Description Summary


What makes Bazooka Sour Straws Strawberry so great? Summertime brings only the finest of fruits, and strawberries are no exception. These sweet and juicy summer berries have been plucked from their bushes with tender care, sliced into slivers, and marinated in a sour syrup for days to capture the sweet and sour flavor you crave! These sweet and sour delights are then blended into our famous candy recipe and transformed into the sweet candied strawberry ejuice you have before you! Bazooka Sour Straws Strawberry slams down the sweet candy gauntlet with this incredible flavor, and allows you to conquer your obsessive fruit and candy cravings in all your puffy clouds! Treat your vape taste buds to an exotic journey as you chase clouds that both taste and smell out of this world! This e liquid masterfully crafts fruit and candy together in one mysteriously yummy flavor, just begging for a chance inside your barren vape tank. Let this flavor gently transport you to a vape heaven where sweetly sour strawberries and pure cane sugar collide. Bazooka Sour Straws needs no introduction; for outstanding candy flavor that satisfies your sour candy cloud cravings, snag a bottle today and puff your clouds through a straw with Bazooka Sour Straws Strawberry!