WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Aqua New Menthol is now Aqua Blast. Aqua is going through a rebrand. You might get some bottles and boxes with the alternative design as we go through our stock of Aqua products. The label design has changed but the flavor recipe remains unchanged.

Blast Ejuice by Aqua Tobacco features the bold and daring flavor of hearty tobacco, enhanced with an icy kick of menthol! Rich and full-bodied tobacco is wonderfully prevalent in the inhale, while strong and chilling menthol in the exhale promises to chill your taste buds into oblivion!

Brand: Aqua | Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Menthol, Tobacco

Aqua Tobacco Blast Ejuice Description

You ever just want the best of both worlds, but constantly find yourself having to choose between menthol or tobacco? Aqua recognized that need to have a smoky tobacco flavor mingled with a cooling menthol sensation, thus creating a "new menthol" flavor! But it's more than just a new menthol flavor; rather, it's a marriage of two minor flavors to create a major impact in the eliquid world! First, we start we with a dark and swarthy tobacco flavor, harvested from the fields of Cuba. Each tobacco leaf was picked in the heat of the hot island sun, the taste of rich and hearty tobacco in every cloud. These leaves were crushed into a fine powder, rolled into a single tobacco leaf, and tamped down for intense tobacco flavor.

But instead of just stopping at a "good" tobacco flavor, Aqua Tobacco decided to improve this fine eliquid by adding a touch of icy goodness. Each tobacco leaf got a kiss of winter infused into it, adding an icy flavor to an irresistible tobacco creation. Smooth and full-bodied on the inhale, thanks to the tobacco, but cold and chilling on the exhale, compliments on the menthol. If you're tired of all the fruits, sweets, and dessert flavors out there and are looking for a mature and icy eliquid, your journey is complete! Blast Ejuice by Aqua Tobacco offers an icy punch of tobacco flavor in every cloud, perfect for your tobacco and menthol cravings!

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