Vape Crusader

Vape Crusaders is a renowned e-liquid bran

Vape Crusader

Vape Crusaders is a renowned e-liquid bran. This company, which is located at Roseburg, Oregon, makes premium e-juice blends. Vape Crusaders does not cut corners and uses only the highest quality natural extracts and food-grade flavorings to make its vape liquids.

Vape Crusaders does not only create regular e-liquids but also nicotine salt vapes. Each e-liquid in the Vape Crusaders collection delivers exactly the same taste that the flavor description says. These e-liquids will give you a smooth and flavorful vaping experience. Whether you are an experienced vaper or a newbie, Vape Crusaders has something for you.

Vape Crusaders has up to 85 flavors under different lines like the Trio line, the National eJuice line, the Juç eLiquid line, the Get Salty line, and much more. The company makes different e-liquid flavors including tobacco, dessert, fruity, menthol/minty, and breakfast blends. Some of the e-liquid flavors in the Trio line are Found Art, Pebbled, and Vanish 4:14. In the Get Salty line, the e-juice flavors include Punched, Bourbon Stained, and Mint Condition.

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