WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Charlies Chalk Dust Black Sweet Dream Ejuice

Charlie's Chalk Dust Black

Sweet Dream Ejuice by Charlie's Chalk Dust Black features a huge bowl of creamy ice cream topped with rich chocolate fudge and a light dusting of spicy cinnamon! Indulge in this sinfully sweet flavor that satisfies your sweet tooth cravings for a decadent dessert e-liquid

Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 60/40  |  Flavor Type: Dessert

Full Flavor Description

"Sweet dreams are made of these, and who are we to disagree?" C'mon, if you have a famous song named after you, it HAS to be good! Although we're not entirely sure which came first, the song or the vape ejuice, we're willing to bet you'll love both of them equally! And what a sweet dream it is! A freshly churned bowl of deliciously rich and creamy Tahitian vanilla ice cream, speckled with fresh shavings of Madagascar vanilla bean. As if this mouthwatering bowl of delicious creaminess weren't enough, this delectable dessert is topped with thick chocolate fudge, dripping in gooeyness all down the side of the bowl!

A generous pinch of freshly ground cinnamon is added just for good measure to ensure you'll be screaming, dreaming, and feening for this flavor. Sweet Dream slams down the dessert vape gauntlet with a smooth and creamy delicacy, featuring the freshest of cream, and the richest of milk chocolate fudge, and spicy aromatic cinnamon. Indulge in this creamy e-liquid that was crafted with the dessert lover in mind, featuring a creamy bowl of freshly churned ice cream, topped with molten chocolate fudge and a dash of spicy cinnamon!