WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



Twerps is an e-liquid line from Okami. The Okami Brand is popular for its fantastic vape juice blends which are made with high-quality ingredients. This vape juice company is one of the leaders in the industry. All the vape juice flavors from Okami are made with high-quality ingredients and come with different nicotine concentration levels. Currently, there is only one e-juice flavor in the Twerps series, and it is called Twerps.

Twerps is a refreshing e-juice with the flavor of peach and raspberry tea. On the inhale, the sweet and tart raspberry flavor will delight your taste buds. On the exhale, the peach tea flavor is more pronounced. Twerps is a smooth and pleasant e-liquid. Besides Twerps, Okami Brand has a lot of e-juice lines on the market like the Okami series and the Bubble Gang series. The flavors in the Okami line are Dolce & Guava, No 1 Bakery Bot's, No2 Bakery Bot's, No3 Bakery Bot's, Kool Lagerfeld, Lychee Lauren, and Lychee Wintour. The Bubble Gang series contains e-juice flavors like Ape, Mystery, Sour Menace, Blu Dream, and OG Bubba.