WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Shijin Vapor

The love for family has inspired many business ventures that changed the world, and Shijin Vapor is one of them. About ten years ago, Tony realized that the well-being of his daughter depended on him being smoke-free. He embarked on a journey that would see him switch to vaping to stop smoking. Later on, he decided to share his success with the world.

Shijin Vapor e-liquids are handcrafted in California using top-quality ingredients in an ISO 8000 certified facility. The e-liquid flavors from Shijin Vapor include fruity, candy, beverage, tobacco, breakfast, bakery, and menthol/mint vapes. This company has many e-liquid lines on the market including its namesake Shijin Vapor line as well as the Cola Man line, the Gummy O’s line, the Vape Maid line, and the 100 Club line among others.