WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Juul Replacement Pods

Flavors 4 Pack
Nicotine Strength


Juul Replacement Pods make sure you never run out of flavor in your busy schedule, keeping the smooth and rolling flavor of tobacco and menthol clouds rolling from your lips! Indulge in the calming scents of rich and earthy tobacco or crisp cool menthol! 

Flavor Description

Our Juul pods provide backup for when your favorite flavor runs out! Each pack features a four-pack of your favorite menthol or tobacco pods, and are filled with  5% nicotine. But we went a little further than just tobacco or menthol; we feature two tobacco pods and two menthol pods that allow you to mix up your daily clouds. Our Classic Tobacco is exactly how it sounds: smooth and hearty, with all of the classic flavor you've come to love. Our Virginia Tobacco pods are designed to emulate the rich and full-bodied flavor of tobacco leaves picked fresh from the rolling tobacco fields in Virginia. If tobacco isn't something you are particularly fond of, not to worry! Our two menthol flavors offer a blast of icy freshness that will have your vape taste buds shivering with delight. Our Classic Menthol features a wintery blast of icy freshness, freezing your taste buds with artic goodness. Not quite ready to brave the chilling arctic temperatures? Grab a pack of our Cool Mint! These pods are filled with a gentle cooling sensation, perfect for sweeping your vape taste buds away in a romantic kiss of freshly fallen snow. Whatever your flavor preference is, enjoy the smooth and rolling flavor any of our delightful quadruple whammy, compliments of the Juul Replacement Pods by Juul!

Flavors Available

  • Classic Tobacco
  • Virginia Tobacco
  • Classic Menthol
  • Cool Mint