WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Milk Drop eJuice

Milk Drop is an e-juice line dedicated to fruity and creamy blends. This line contains some of the finest e-liquids in the industry. Virtue Vape manufactures, promotes, and distributes the premium blends in the Milk Drop vape juice series. This company is located in Miami, Florida and is known for its flavorful e-liquids which are made with top-quality ingredients. Apart from the Milk Drop series, Virtue Vape is also behind the Vape Breakfast Classics, Fruit Freeze, Foodfighter, Big Cheap Bottle, and MASH line.

Each e-liquid in the Milk Drop series has a deliciously smooth milk flavor, and light throat hit. Some of the e-liquids in the Milk Drop line include Vanilla Papaya Almond, Mocha Marshmallow Almond, and Strawberry Almond. You just cannot go wrong with any flavor from the silky Milk Drop series! If you are an avid fan of vanilla flavors, this e-liquid line will satisfy your cravings.