Meringue & The Family


Meringue & The Family

Mr. Meringue is one of four e-liquids in Charlie's Chalk Dust Meringue line. This vape juice has a captivating flavor. It tastes like a mouthwatering lemon meringue pie. The tart lemon sweet cream and buttery pie crust come together harmoniously in this vape juice to give you something ecstatic. This is an e-juice that will tantalize your taste buds and get you hooked.

Mr. Meringue is produced by Charlie's Chalk Dust. If you know anything about this company, then you are aware that Charlie's Chalk Dust is one of the most trustworthy vape juice makers in the industry. This award-winning company takes time to perfect its e-liquids before they hit the market. Not many vape juice makers have been able to match the impeccable quality of Charlie's Chalk Dust vape juice blends, and Mr. Meringue embodies this dedication to excellence.

The lemon meringue pie of Mr. Meringue is spot-on. The flavor has depth. You can taste the different flavorings with every puff. This is one of those e-liquids that you will not want to stop vaping. It will make you feel as though you are enjoying a homemade treat.

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