WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Le' Banger

Le’ Banger makes fruity e-liquids that will add some fun to your vaping experience. There are three flavors to choose from in this line: Le'Banger Apple Bump, Le' Banger Lemon Fraise and Le'Banger Purple Powder. If you are fond of apples, then Apple Bump is for you. This e-juice gives you the taste of apple cream with a hint of cinnamon. The two flavors come together beautifully. You get the apple and cream flavor followed by the cinnamon. This e-juice will envelope your senses and keep you vaping. 

Purple Powder will tickle your taste buds with the flavor of grape candy. This is a rejuvenating e-liquid. It tastes like grape pixie candy. Every puff has the same consistent taste. Lemon Fraise variant gives you the classic tart lemon flavor with a touch of strawberry. This is a summertime vape. The sweet taste of ripe strawberries mixes well with that tangy Meyer lemon flavor. Lemon Fraise will delight your taste buds.