WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



The Juno is one of the best closed system pod vaporizers on the market. This device, which is made by Twelve Vapor, has a stylish design and performs impressively. If you are trying to kick smoking and move to vaping, this is just the kind of vape device to grab. It gives you the same mouth-to-lung restricted draw that you get from cigarettes. Also, it is easy to use. It has a very low learning curve. There are no complicated buttons or setting to deal with. What's more, you have a wide variety of pre-filled pods to choose from including fruity, dessert, tobacco, and menthol blends. The Juno pods are inspired by nature. The main flavor categories are called Elements and the Signature, which are the 12 main flavors, are named after the zodiac. This allows you to choose an e-liquid flavor based on your element and zodiac sign.

According to Twelve Vapor, the Juno is created by vapers for vapers. This device represents the epitome of vaping engineering. Every aspect of the device is designed to give you the best experience. This means delivering just the right amount of heat and airflow to allow you to enjoy the taste of your e-juice to the fullest while getting thick clouds of vapor.