WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Fresh Pressed Salts

The Fresh Pressed Salts is a spin-off of the Fresh Pressed e-liquid series. Grown E-Liquids produces the delightful vape juice blends in the Fresh Pressed vape juice line. This company is based in Southern California and is popular for its premium e-liquids which are made with top-grade ingredients. Unlike the original Fresh Pressed series, the Fresh Pressed Salts contains e-liquids made with nicotine salts.

If you are searching for fruity vapes infused with nicotine salts, the Fresh Pressed Salts series is ideal for you. Since these e-liquids contain high levels of nicotine salt, they give you enhanced flavors and great cloud production. These e-liquids will bring memories of enjoying fruity candies at the store during your childhood days.

Some of the e-liquids in the Fresh Pressed Salts series include Pressed Pink Melon, Fruit Finale, Sugar Tantrum, Lava Luau, and Honeycomb Berry. Apart from Fresh Pressed Salts, the original series include Pink Parfait, Blissful Berries, Sparkling Starfruit, and Malibu Meltdown.

The company has more flavors under its namesake California Grown E-Liquids line including Grizzly Apple, Wavy Watermelon, and Napa Nectar. If you are a fruit lover, you cannot resist trying the various e-liquids in the Fresh Pressed Salts!