WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Food Fighter Remix

Food Fighter is a vape juice producer based in Miami, Florida. This company creates some of the best vape juice blends on the market. Food Fighter has fantastic vape juice produced from some of the best ingredients available. This company has a lot of e-liquid blends on the market that will impress most vapers. Vapers with sweet tooth cravings will especially appreciate the delicious taste of Food Fighter e-liquids.

Food Fighter Remix is a line of e-liquids by Food Fighter with a slight twist from their other flavors. Some of the flavors in the Food Fighter Remix e-liquid series are Pound It Remix, Crack Pie Remix, Crack Pie Remix Salts. These e-liquids have a slight variation from the flavor of the e-liquids in the original Food Fighter line.

Crack Pie Remix is an e-liquid that has the taste of a pecan pie. Pound It Remix has the flavor profile of lemon pound cake mixed with strawberries, and cream cheese. Ragging Donut Remix has the flavor of buttery donuts that has been glazed with notes of sugar.