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Holy Cannoli Fruity Pebbled 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle

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Holy Cannoli

Holy Cannoli Fruity Pebbled 2 Pack Bundle features a fun way to have your breakfast cereal and your after-dinner dessert all in one delicious cloud! A bowl of crunchy pebbled cereal stuffed inside a sweet cannoli shell will make your vape taste buds beg for more of this magnificent e-liquid!

Bottle Size:  200mL (2x100ml) | Ratio:  70/30 | Flavor Type:  Dessert

Full Flavor Description

Whisk your vape taste buds off to a whimsical breakfast delight, where crunchy pebbled cereals bring a burst of color and flavor to an otherwise ordinary after-dinner delight. A golden brown cannoli shell is carefully removed from a piping hot oven, looking every bit like the crisp and crunchy dessert that made Italy famous. This buttery dessert shell is set aside while the filling is carefully prepared. A heaping cup of ricotta cheese is blended with farm fresh cream and soft powdered sugar, beaten until it forms a sweet and smooth cannoli filling.

Two scoops of crunchy pebbled rainbow cereal are dumped into the cannoli filling, staining the filling with bright colors and enhancing the smooth vanilla filling with their fruity rainbow flavor. This colorful crunchy filling is quickly stuffed into the cooled cannoli shell, dusted with soft powdered sugar, and set before you in all its fruity pebbled glory! Feast on the rich and rolling flavor of rainbow pebbled cereal cannoli filling stuffed into a crisp and buttery cannoli shell and whisk your vape taste buds back to the stone age with this delicious e-liquid flavor! Try out this sweet pebbled cannoli e-liquid and you might have just discovered your new all-day breakfast vape juice!