WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Cookie King DVNK eJuice

Flavor Description

DVNK by Cookie King has been one of the most sought-after dessert flavored ejuice in the entire vaping industry. Thin and crispy graham cracker cookies stuffed with fresh whipped vanilla cream offers the perfect cloud of sweet treat enjoyment!

Bottle Size:​ 100ml | Ratio:​ 70/30 | ​Flavor Type:​ Dessert

Cookie King | ​Brand Description

Cookie King understands that some of the most coveted desserts are cookies - crunchy, soft-baked, zesty, and festive. Now with their triple lineup, cloud cravings for something sweet can be quickly satisfied with warm cookie clouds! Cookie King offers three flavors: Choco Cream features a thin and crispy chocolate wafer cookie that has been rumored to be milk's favorite cookie. DVNK features a graham cracker smeared with fluffy marshmallow filling, perfect for dunking. And Lemon Wafer offers a thin and crispy lemon wafer cookie stuffed with zesty lemon shavings and creamy vanilla filling. Now with Cookie King's famous trio, you can stuff your face with cookie clouds for days, either one by one or in their three pack.

Full Flavor Description

What makes DVNK by Cookie King so great? This flavors satisfies all those late night cravings of a midnight snack...two crisp and thin graham cracker cookie are stuffed with a rich and frothy vanilla cream. The vanilla cream features a creamy sweet buttercream mixed with imported Tahitian vanilla. Sweet and puffy dessert clouds beg to billow from your drip tip, as you surround yourself with king-sized clouds. Cookie King reigns over the Kingdom of Cookies with a graham cracker cookie sandwich in one hand and an ice cold glass of milk in the other. As you munch on this decadent flavor, you too can rule the roost of your own cloud kingdom. What's not to love about crunchy graham crackers and freshly whipped vanilla cream? The fact that you haven't tried it yet! Take your vape taste buds on a cream-filled cookie cloud adventure with enticing graham crackers and rich vanilla cream filling! Cookie King needs no introduction; for powerful flavor and impressive clouds, pick up a bottle of DVNK by Cookie King! Prepare to fill up your palace room with rich, succulent, and delicious clouds, compliments of the one and only Cookie King!