WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Candy Shop

The Candy Shop e-juice line contains some of the best sweet and sour candy e-liquids on the market. Although this is a relatively new e-liquid line, it is already making waves on the market. The Candy Shop brand stands for excellence and the epitome of high-quality e-juice craftmanship.

The Candy Shop brand is also known as The Finest Sweet and Sour E-Liquid. This line contains some bold candy e-liquids that will blow you away. There are many candy e-liquids on the market, but I dare say that The Candy Shop's blends are unique.

Currently, there are just three e-liquids in this series; StrawMelon Sour Belts (strawberryand watermelon sour candy flavor), Blue Berries Lemon Swirl (blueberry, raspberry, and lemon candy flavor), and Apple Peach Sour (apple and peach candy flavor). There is a mentholated version of all these e-liquids.

The Candy Shop e-liquids are made with high-grade ingredients. All the e-liquids in The Candy Shop series are made by The Finest. This company, which is based in Los Angeles, is committed to crafting only the best e-liquids. All the e-liquids from The Finest have the same mark of innovation that has made this company one of the leaders in the industry.