WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Brew Frappe By Juice Roll-Upz

Brew is an e-juice line from Juice Roll Upz. This is one of the top e-liquid companies in the vaping industry. Juice Roll Upz is based in Southern California and is known for its premium e-liquids which are made of top-quality ingredients in an ISO7 medical-grade clean room. The company works with experts to develop its e-juice flavors.

If you have a thing for coffee, you must try the e-liquids from the Brew series. These are some of the most unique coffee vapes on the market. They are formulated to give you a flavorful vaping experience.

Currently, there are only two e-juice flavors in the Brew line: Strawberry Brew Frappes and Brew Frappes. These e-juice blends give you the taste of freshly brewed coffee with a touch of sweetness and even a hint of fruity flavor.

Apart from the Brew series, Juice Roll Upz is also behind the Juice Roll Upz Carnival Edition, the Licks line, the Juice Roll Upz Salt line, Juice Roll Upz Tropical line, the Juice Roll Upz Tropical Salt line, The Stand line, the Pastry Boy line, the Juice Rollz Upz Originals line, and the Juice Roll Upz on Ice line.