Massachusetts Issues Ban on All Vape Products

Massachusetts Issues Ban on All Vape Products

On Tuesday, Massachusetts Governor Charles Baker announced a "public health emergency" and issued an "emergency" four-month ban on all vape products.

Unlike New York and Michigan, Baker's ban is not limited to flavored e-cigarette products but all vape products, which includes devices and any flavored or non-flavored eliquids that contain nicotine or marijuana.

In his statement, Baker claimed that the Massachusettes government needed to "pause sales in order for our medical experts to collect more information about what is driving these life-threatening vaping-related illnesses."

According to MassLive.com, a popular Massachusettes news platform, the Massachusetts Public Health Council unanimously approved the ban and it will go into effect immediately.

While the state's public health officials claim that they have received 61 cases of "vaping-related illness" in Massachusetts, the CDC has yet to identify the exact cause of these illnesses, let alone any evidence that confirms vaping is the cause.

While these ill-supported vape bans continue to spread like a witch hunt, vapers affected by these bans are facing difficult times. Most vapers rely on e-cigarettes as their only realistic alternative to smoking and some have actively vaped for more than a decade. Vaping is more than an activity or a lifestyle, it's part of who people are and the impact these vape bans will have on many vapers can be devastating.

As politicians in opposition to vaping prepare to push for the permanent ban of flavored vape products, and vape products altogether, it's crucial now more than ever to stand up and join the fight. Most of these politicians are making their decisions based on the actions of others or the false and limiting information that they're hearing from the media and big tobacco.

That said, it's important to not only stand up and fight for what you believe in but to give reason to our battle and educate those who are simply uninformed. 

This industry is facing a big threat, but with the support of each vaper, there's no challenge this industry can't overcome. To find out how you can get involved and take action, check out the Call to Action resource centers below:

If you're a resident of New York, Michigan, or Massachusetts, our prayers go out to you. Keep your head up, the fights not over and every vaper is here fighting to stop these vape bans. If there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's that the vape industry can endure anything.

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John - September 25, 2019

This is going to cause people to go to the store and buy cigarettes and will NOT STOP THE KIDS from doing anything except smoke bc they and we are all addicted to nicotine

Sherri Hester - September 25, 2019

This is an American right as is alcohol so why not ban alcohol? Because all of you drink is why! The problem started when the Juul came out and all the other weird juices for relaxation stress etc etc the regular vaping that has been around for yrs have never had a problem. I have vaped for yrs if you take it away everybody will go back to smoking and die for sure of lung issues. We as adults should have this right. The kids are buying them off the street. If you ban vaping ban alcohol it kills innocent people everyday. If it were not for vaping I would probably not be here writing this. Please don’t force us to go back to cigarettes. Ban the Juul that’s the problem.

victor f - September 25, 2019

this is no way related to juuling.. or vaping e juice… this is all related to the black market thc carts on the market being sold all over the cities even by stores without licenses.. coming probably from cali… that is cut with vitamin e acetate.. because it looks like the color of very good distillate thats been refined multiple times and doesn’t have any real flavor after adding tons of terpenes.. so they can cut the thc oil from 90-99%thc down to 30-40 % . and make soooo much money.. those carts also usually are being made with oil that is very cheap because it is contaminated with pesticides… this has been MY EXPERIENCE.. i have seen friends buying DANK,,, COOKIES<>>> LIVE… .. Oasis (one that comes in same kind of box as TKO and LIVE.) not the BLACK BAG OASIS those are legit same with the Gucci carts in massachusetts as well those are legit… both Oasis(Black Vac Bags with reseal) and Gucci are made with clean distillate based on the lab results we got back from the labs when we boguth these carts..

but dank . live.. cookies.. infitiy.. mario kartz .. exoticz .. tko.. smart carts.. heavy hitters.. brass knuckles.. and ALMOST ALL DANK doesnt matter the packaging.. the carts themselves are plastic. your leaching with the terpenes . so that cannot be good with heat .. so BLAME IT on what it is .. but they dont want to because they want to legalize cannabis and make BANK.

Lucie - September 25, 2019

I hope Idaho doesn’t cave to this B.S. I don’t want to start smoking again.

john platt - September 25, 2019

These bans are nothing short of BS its uninformed people jumping to conclusions without any data or education holy shit big tabacco kills more than any vape product will

Bonnie Ford - September 25, 2019

I am completely saddened by this news. Illinois is debating over banning flavors as a way to "stop the epidemic of children vaping & dying ". We need to better inform our politicians or elect ones that will do their research first. #vaper4life

Tracey patrick - September 25, 2019

Against the ban on vapors , Tobacco, Alcohol, destory and take many lives on a yearly basis….And not one time have they put a ban on these produducts…

Robert mason - September 25, 2019

Yes my response is sell to anyone of legal age anywhere on the globe
Fuck these dictator pigs
This is America
They can’t jail us all
Thanks vape deals

matt - September 25, 2019

so its OK to have cigarettes that cause cancer with all the added chemicals, but lets ban vaping makes a lot of sense. politicians work really hard not to make any sense. keep earning the tax dollars LMAO.

Melissa Tranthum - September 25, 2019

Kids will only go to cigarettes like I did back in my teenage days & got hooked. This is ridiculous prohibition-like response to something that hasn’t even been confirmed. Just like with alcohol & oxycontin…the kids who are going to do it anyway will get black market stuff which can truly be deadly. I’m an adult & live in a supposedly free country…what a joke! I’m not voting for anyone who would rush to judgement like this…wuld they do the same with a war or negotiation situation?

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