Why Is Lab Testing So Important In CBD Products?

Why Is Lab Testing So Important In CBD Products?

If you’ve ever looked at the label for CBD products or browsed a site for CBD products, you may have noticed a little disclaimer that states their products are independently tested by third-party labs. What does that even mean? Is it important? What is the point of third-party testing? We’ll go over those questions and provide detailed answers that can really give you some insight as to what third-party testing is and why it matters.

One of the interesting things about third-party lab testing is that it’s not a requirement for companies to do so. The companies that choose to do it are usually some of the top brands in the CBD industry. Testing their products helps to build consumer confidence and show exactly what is in their products. While the majority of people most likely won’t even read the results of the third-party testing, it’s a testament to the company that they’re willing to pay extra money to ensure their products are premium and made properly.


Independent testing is the practice of sending out products to a laboratory completely separate and unaffiliated with the brand. This allows the laboratory to conduct various tests to determine exactly what is in the product without bias. For CBD products, this is important to verify that the brand is selling what it says it is so that you know what you’re putting inside your body, not to mention paying for. Independent testing companies receive no compensation or personal gain by conducting these tests, so every lab result is the actual contents of that particular product. This keeps the brand honest, the customers well-informed, and the reputation of the product safe.


For many industries, their products are regulated by the FDA, meaning that third-party testing isn’t necessary. Imagine if simple things like candy and soda weren’t regulated. You’d be concerned to consume them if you didn’t know what was in it, and the possibility of harmful chemicals would deter you from purchasing and consuming them. In CBD products, the third-party lab testing assumes the role of the FDA.

Surprisingly, CBD products are not regulated by the FDA...yet. Even though many CBD products are consumed, the FDA doesn’t impose strict regulations on it, but that could change. For the time being, the unobtrusiveness of the FDA is both a blessing and a curse. CBD companies enjoy a great bit of freedom without the government stepping in to enforce rules and regulations; however, without the rules and regulations, literally anyone can create a CBD product and sell it under the CBD umbrella.

Unfortunately, this scenario does happen. Many companies advertise healing powers or unrealistic expectations of products that may contain harmful ingredients or very little (if any at all) CBD content. The use of independent companies to test CBD products helps companies distance themselves from the charlatans of the CBD industry and build trust with their customer base.

This isn’t to say that the FDA is completely unaware of the CBD industry. The FDA reserves the right to analyze a particular product if they suspect something is amiss. Quite a few companies have been shut down entirely due to the FDA’s discoveries. But with the massive cannabis market and hundreds of CBD and THC companies, it’s difficult to neutralize the product’s potential risk and harm before it’s too late.


Now do you see why independent lab testing is so important? These independent lab test results allow the company to show that their products truly are what they’re advertised as. Many customers will see a product advertised as 99.99% pure CBD; the independent lab testing helps prove that. When it comes to what you’re putting in your body, you have a right to know if the information presented to you is accurate. CBD ultimately comes from the hemp plant, but it can come in many different strengths. The lab testing shows exactly what level of CBD is in the product beyond a shadow of a doubt, from what’s on the label to what’s in what’s in the bottle.


CBD and THC both come from the hemp plant; however, THC contains the psychoactive ingredient that gets the user “high.” A lot of CBD users worry about passing drug tests or if their CBD product will mimic the effects of weed. The third-party testing results can help alleviate these fears. The least amount of THC that can be included in any CBD product is 0.3%, and this amount will show up in many third-party lab tests. However, if you’re worried about feeling “high” or failing a drug test, you can check the lab results and see just how much THC, if any, is included in your CBD products.

Another element that third-party labs test for is the particular strain’s profile. CBD purely derived from hemp isn’t usually tested for this, but full-spectrum CBD and terpenes are. Full spectrum CBD can sometimes contain THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes. Terpenes are responsible for giving off the distinct aromas of specific cannabis strains, such as myrcene and pinene. Many CBD users like to know which type of strain their CBD came from, so the third-party results can offer a wealth of information that other CBD companies that don’t test their products can’t offer.


In short, having a third-party lab test CBD inspires consumer confidence. It shows that the company truly cares about their product and wants to make their product ingredients available to the public. The company has to pay extra for these tests and these tests are often very expensive. Inspiring trust and confidence by a simply presenting a certificate of analysis is priceless. It encourages customer loyalty, brings a peace of mind with every purchase, and often results in multiple purchases.

If you’re an avid user of CBD or thinking of getting into the wonderful world of CBD, take a good hard look at the products you’re using or thinking of buying. A certificate of analysis isn’t something that makes or breaks a good CBD product. But it can be extremely satisfying to find the third-party results and know for sure what’s in your CBD products. Here at eJuice.deals, we have an entire site called Flawless CBD, dedicated to wholesome and pure CBD products. We also have access to countless more brands that we proudly endorse and can happily recommend. If you have any questions or concerns on what products might be right for you, you can call us or email us to find answers. We’re always available to help and we recognize how important your health is. If you have a story on how CBD has helped you, drop a comment below and let us know! For now, we hope this article has helped shed some light on why lab testing is so important for CBD products!

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