Washington Gov. Signs Order to Ban Flavored Vape Products

Washington Gov. Signs Order to Ban Flavored Vape Products

Last Friday, Washington Governor Inslee, signed an executive order that will ban all flavored vape products for a period of 120 days.

The ban has not yet taken effect; however, the State Board of Health is expected to adhere to Inslee's order and issue the ban at their next meeting on October 9th. 

Once the ban has gone into effect, Washington will join New York, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, as the fifth state to issue a ban on vape products.

Economical Impact of the Washington Vape Ban

While Governor Inslee, along with other supporters of the vape ban, claims that vaping has become an "epidemic," there remains no valid evidence proving that flavored vape products are actually the cause of the respiratory illness-related deaths that began this witch hunt.

Despite the clear lack of evidence supporting the Washington vape ban,  Governor Inslee's executive order will temporarily force them into law.

Once the ban has gone into effect, flavored vape products will be illegal and Washington businesses will be forced to remove all flavored vape products from their shelves.

While legitimate businesses will be forced to adhere to the vape ban, it will not solve this problem and it will not prevent people from obtaining vape products. Due to the ban, vape products will be removed from legitimate businesses, however, they will still be available on the black market.

With the inability to purchase vape products legally, some will simply turn to the black market, which would fuel crime and deter the economy further.

Health Impacts of The Washington Vape Ban

Perhaps worse than the negative impact the Washington Vape Ban will have on its economy is the devastating impact it will have on its people.

Most vapers rely on e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking and some have been vaping for over a decade. Vaping is more than an activity or a lifestyle, it's a source of relief, a refuge, and an important component of many people's lives. 

Needless to say, the impacts these vape bans will have on many vapers can be devastating.

Take Action Against the Vape Bans

As vape bans continue to impact the residents of more and more states, it's most important now more than ever to not lose hope and stand up to support the industry and each other.

This industry is facing a big threat, but with the support of each vaper, there's no challenge this industry can't overcome. To find out how you can get involved and take action, check out the Call to Action resource centers below:

If you're a resident of New York, Michigan, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Washington, our prayers go out to you. Keep your head up, the fights not over and every vaper is here fighting to stop these vape bans. If there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's that the vape industry can endure anything.


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Tom Tisdell - October 1, 2019

I live in MS….I just recently put away cigarettes for good because of vaping.These ignorant politicians are all about telling the public how to live their lives. Vaping legitimate ejuice is saving lives. They should educate themselves on the real problem…tobacco!

Nicole - October 1, 2019

Before you go ban happy, please look into Mike Bloomberg. He invested in the JUUL ecig company which targeted teens. Here in NY the JUUL is popular among teens. We do not condone underage use and deter anyone under age. The flavors on the list were put there by adult requests. We card everyone. Keep vaping products only in licensed Vapor stores so these kids can not get them. Do not punish the adults. The illness and deaths reported were all linked to vitamin E acetate which was created with the black market. Mike Bloomberg also donated 1 billion dollar to help ban the e-cigarette industry while holding stock in major tobacco conpanies. Today the FDA approved a new product created by Mike Bloomberg known as the IQOS. He wants to demolish our industry and create a new one. I’m a sure you are aware of the MSA agreement and the previous rapid decline in tobacco sales. The day after NY announced a ban on flavors, the cigarette stocks went through the roof. Please research these facts and report to the corruption to the officials. We the people have spoken, we have rights and they arw being violated for blood money!

Justin Simpson - October 1, 2019

I lost half a lung in an unfortunate accident. At the time I was smoking a pack a day and I wanted to quit beforehand. But I tried gum patches and mints. None of it worked so I decidde to try vaping. It was the only thing that worked for me and I noticed my breathing quality actually got better with vapeing than smoking butts. I still vape to this day and have had no problem. I don’t understand all this uproar about flavors and kids using them. Its up to the store owners to not sell to minors and parents the same rule as butts. Look at how many people still smoke butts even though of all the people who die every day from them. This whole thing in my prospective is about money these states are looking in taxes due to lower sales in tabbaco. Its rediculous it’s like saying ok no more flavored alcohol because kids might like it. That’s why we don’t sell to minors. This whole thing is about money and taxes these politicians are so crooked

Rebecca Catalucci - October 1, 2019

I feel that if states are going to ban vape juice, then why not ban cigarettes? Cigars? I for one, am a 61 year old who quit smoking cigarettes 1 1/2 years ago and if I cannot have my vape I’ll probably start smoking again. This is not fair to us adults who like to vape!!! Not to mention they should go after the kids that are putting crap in their vapes and not appropriate vape juice!!

Stephanie Ganzert - October 1, 2019

This don’t make sense at abandoned Vape juice but then yet you can still go and buy tobacco products as cigarettes Copenhagen chewing tobacco Exedra I feel those are the people who are over the age of 21 should be able to make that decision for their self

Andrew - October 1, 2019

Ok so I’d jus like to say this, not sure if anyone has put any opinions into this ban of Vapes, and besides big tabaco being assholes because they are losing money. Since I was just over 13 and growing up as a teen I was introduced into smoking or peer pressure. It wasn’t great and at the time I didn’t know either. But it got me. I quit on and off but when I became of age I smoked ciggs for years, enlisted in the military had to quit smoking around 21 graduated from the military and smoked still. For a long time it was hard. Smoking ciggs got worse, I couldn’t smell anything, could taste good, got sick. Went to chewing tabaco for a few years and back to smoking until I was 31 -32 yrs old. A friend of mine started vaping while before I did as I start working at a job, anyways he introducede to vaping he said it helped him get off ciggs. Told me the ingredients in the vape like vg/pg mix the amount of nicotine and his flavor. I honestly couldn’t believe it. So even though I was smoking and it was hard to quit and I wanted to. It really has massive health issue that COMPANIES OR COMPANY WITH A PHAT WALLET DOESNT WANT TO CRY ABOUT LOSING THEIR MONEY. So I had to wait. He brought to a local vape shop in town. I saw the devices they had which was insane. The flavor I couldn’t believe they had all different types. And well I bought a device and a nic salt vape juice. Ever since my friend told and showed me about Vapes, I have not since picked up a ciggs. It’s not worth it. Literally ciggs are FAR WORSE then vaping will ever be. In 7 years I have never seen any episodes of deaths. Now, I will say this, I don’t buy my vape juice off the street or off the black market. Oh and if your wondering as much as this statement may not be considered due to the fact that we all knowoney talks like shit walks. And well big tabaco company is full of shit. They are jus upset because ppl are actually quitting and leading healthier lives. And they hate it. Big whoop. It’s better to have to ur health then be dead. I have never had any issues with Vapes as much as ciggs. I feel better, taste my food, don’t get sick as often, and don’t have to worry about lung cancers, or throat cancer etc. I honestly know this might not due much, but I refuse to give up something that has officially help me quit smoking. Thank you all.

Tom Laughlin - October 2, 2019

It is all about money. If it were truly to save lives how can you ban without vote something they think might harm a few while at the same time allowing cigarettes that for sure kill millions? For that matter alcohol. Too much money involved and it is the drug of choice by too many.
Any wonder that JUUL is owned by the same parent company as Marlboro? I live in Washington and we can now go in to stores and legally but marijuana and edibles infused with THC. I thought we were an enlightened State. This has nothing to do with health and it will crush vapers and store owners and create problems.
I am buying what I can and hoping. Trump once again is a moron and you can bet your life he knows nothing about vaping and I mean nothing. He feels powerful doing it.

Patrick Ramsey - October 1, 2019

This clearly violates our rights. And yet nobody is banning cigarettes

Rozier - October 1, 2019

The only reason why I think. They trying to ban vape is because so many people have stop smoking cigarettes and the big tobacco are losing money. I wouldn’t be surprised most of these large tobacco companies executive are friends with politicians

Shellie - October 1, 2019

Another political move!!! Tobacco industry is taking such a loss. Now everyone still pays due to them!!!
I do not believe underaged should be able to obtain these NOR TOBACCO CIGARETTES!!!!!
Why are cigarettes not banned??

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