Massachusetts Issues Ban on All Vape Products

Massachusetts Issues Ban on All Vape Products

On Tuesday, Massachusetts Governor Charles Baker announced a "public health emergency" and issued an "emergency" four-month ban on all vape products.

Unlike New York and Michigan, Baker's ban is not limited to flavored e-cigarette products but all vape products, which includes devices and any flavored or non-flavored eliquids that contain nicotine or marijuana.

In his statement, Baker claimed that the Massachusettes government needed to "pause sales in order for our medical experts to collect more information about what is driving these life-threatening vaping-related illnesses."

According to MassLive.com, a popular Massachusettes news platform, the Massachusetts Public Health Council unanimously approved the ban and it will go into effect immediately.

While the state's public health officials claim that they have received 61 cases of "vaping-related illness" in Massachusetts, the CDC has yet to identify the exact cause of these illnesses, let alone any evidence that confirms vaping is the cause.

While these ill-supported vape bans continue to spread like a witch hunt, vapers affected by these bans are facing difficult times. Most vapers rely on e-cigarettes as their only realistic alternative to smoking and some have actively vaped for more than a decade. Vaping is more than an activity or a lifestyle, it's part of who people are and the impact these vape bans will have on many vapers can be devastating.

As politicians in opposition to vaping prepare to push for the permanent ban of flavored vape products, and vape products altogether, it's crucial now more than ever to stand up and join the fight. Most of these politicians are making their decisions based on the actions of others or the false and limiting information that they're hearing from the media and big tobacco.

That said, it's important to not only stand up and fight for what you believe in but to give reason to our battle and educate those who are simply uninformed. 

This industry is facing a big threat, but with the support of each vaper, there's no challenge this industry can't overcome. To find out how you can get involved and take action, check out the Call to Action resource centers below:

If you're a resident of New York, Michigan, or Massachusetts, our prayers go out to you. Keep your head up, the fights not over and every vaper is here fighting to stop these vape bans. If there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's that the vape industry can endure anything.

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Meme - September 25, 2019

Vaping has been around for many years. The 60s had the first device. 2003 was the first modern device by a smoker in China. Just now there are issues? Please. It’s the black market crap these people brought.

Meme - September 25, 2019

I don’t live in either of these states, but I’m sure we all will feel this sooner or later.
Honestly this is stupid.. Cigarettes can cause cancer yet they aren’t banned. Alcohol can cause motor accidents yet that’s not banned. But sure let’s ban fruit flavors and such of e juice because of kids using their parents credit card and brought a dang Juul or some pod device. Seriously when will parents stop blaming other people for their neglect in teaching certain things?! Before I get a bunch of crap, I’m a mother to a 9 year old. I vape and have been for over 4 years. I went from smoking Marlboro Milds for over 15 years to 18 mg vape juice and am down to 3mg. I haven’t touched a cigarette in over 4 years and honestly they smell horrible and I’m still awe that I USED to smell like that. I vape Lusicous Ice (watermelon with menthol) and it has kicked my craving to the curb. My mod is an Alien 220w with a Valyrian tank.
I think the pod systems are ridiculous so I won’t get one to begin with. I’m good with my set up. I don’t want to vape cigarette flavor juice. I quit cigarettes to get away from that duh! My watermelon keeps me satisfied.
Why take something that has helped so many of us quit smoking the traditional cigarettes and go to a healthier alternative. My dr has told me I’m healthy than ever since I quit cigarettes. The VG, PG and nicotine in e juice are Pharmaceutical grade. I buy my stuff from Victory or Ejuice. I never had any issues.
So sure. Let’s ban something that isn’t from the black market because people brought crap from BM and it caused them to get sick. And sure let’s ban something because kids like the fruity ads. My 9 year old knows my vape is off limits. He knows it’s for adults only and it is what helped mommy quit those nasty smelly sticks as he calls them. Teens and preteens think that vaping is cool? No it’s a tool to help people quit traditional cigarettes. They need to learn the difference.

Corey - September 25, 2019

This is absolutely sickening. How many tobacco-related illnesses have there been in the past year in Massachusetts? Yet they are going to ban it’s life-saving alternative to smoking for adults? What is really behind this movement? Something not right here.

Donna conger - September 25, 2019

I smoked for 50 years then went to vaping which I have done for more than 8 years it stopped me from smoking it’s the only thing that works
If vaping is banned I don’t know what I will do

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