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The CBD Craze: 7 Things You Need to Know Before Buying CBD Products

The CBD oil craze has officially arrived and everyone and their neighbor seems to dropping some CBD juice into their vapes. Chances are, you’re thinking about doing the same which is what led you here. CBD products have a delicious amount of health benefits – physically, mentally and emotionally. But before you starting maxing out your card buying CBD vape products, there are some things you need to know…


Not All CBD is Created Equal

First things first, not all CBD is created equally. In fact, there are more “bad quality” CBD products out there than there is high quality – and if you’re looking for the sweetest experience, you need to stick with trusted CBD sources. We have CBD oil for vapesconducted an insane amount of research on the best CBD sources and have found that ReefCBD, AndHemp and Cannatera are great places to purchase CBD vape juice and more.

Why is that, you ask? Keep reading.


Finding High-Quality CBD Vape Juice

You should never purchase CBD products simply because they’re trending and “everyone else is doing it.” Again, there are many more poor quality CBD than out there than there are trusted CBD sources. Though, it can be difficult to determine which CBD products just by looking at the fancy logo.

As a rule of thumb, the best CBD oils come from companies that have been:

  • Tested by a third party
  • Hemp was sourced from trusted cannabis farms
  • Have explained the extraction process

If a company you’re looking to buy CBD vape juice from does not offer this information to you, you’re better off going with a trusted CBD source that does.


Check the THC Levels

Depending on where you live (and whether or not you want a buzz), you’ll want to make sure the THC content is lower than 0.3% to avoid getting high or breaking the law in some states. States that have legalized recreational weed can sell CBD oils and vape juice that have THC in it. If you aren’t in one of those states or are looking to use CBD for the health benefits, you’ll want to avoid these products. So, always check the ingredient list. 


Don’t Go Big or Go Home

It’s tempting to get the largest bottle of CBD vape juice available. After all, you know you’re going to love it and will use every last drop.

However, it’s important to take things slow. While you can still purchase a large amount of CBD oil, you won’t want to take a large amount to start. Just like any dietary supplement, you need to start slow and gradually increase the dosage until you receive the effects you’re looking for. CBD vape juice


Cheaper is Not Better

Everyone’s looking to snag a sweet deal but CBD oil needs to have a higher price point to cover the meticulous testing, extraction and manufacturing process that is associated with high quality CBD. So, if you come across CBD vape juice that has a price that’s way too good to be true, it is. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and this is extremely true when it comes to CBD.


Stick With The Trusted Sources

The number one rule to buying CBD oil and CBD vape products is to stick with the trusted sources. This is going to save you an abundance of time, money and research, as you know the CBD products you’re purchasing are exactly what you’re looking for. Stick with these trusted CBD brands:

  • AndHemp.com
  • ReefCBD.com
  • Cannatera.com


Enjoy a stress-free shopping experience and shop our trusted partners when buying CBD. Add a drop of CBD to your vaping experience, and you'll never look back. It's the CBD craze and a bandwagon worth jumping on. 

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